"What does it mean to relate? Isn't it commonality? To share with? Relationship is the state of relating. Now, don't all share a common heritage? A common movement? A common behavior? From all the variations, don't we all share the same roots? Aren't we all fruits of the same tree? And all the trees from same ground? There is wide-spread relationship throughout the universe.

Relationship is the inter-connected of all things. Now, naturally, we are all in relationship with each other. What is it that breaks it? Or tries to break it? What is the division and isolation? Can we understand ourselves in withdrawal? No, there is always an relationship.

Relationship is a mirror. Sharing is a mirror. We learn about everything through relationship. Relationship is the ground we all share. Communication then starts from this rooted relationship. There are hindrances which is of thought. To be precise, the cultivation of image is the hindrance.

You have relationship with a friend. Now, do you communicate with this friend based on an image you have created of him/her? Do you interact with this friend based on the image you built? The image is of the past. Are you assuming your friend is the image you built? What happens when your friend changes? What does change happen to the image? It renders it futile. In relationship, the concept/image that is created of the other is hindrance because the image distort the actuality of that moment.. or the actuality of the thing/person.

In-order to understand anger, one must have a relationship with it. Can one inquire into anger by the image one has built up around it? No for that is bias and prejudice. One needs to look at it as it stands. Bare in mind, it is inquiry is indirect because what is being inquired is of the inquirer. Relationship is the basis of all inquiries.

The image that I create of whatever it may be is a distortion, because the past is the past. What is happening now is completely new. Relationship stale and spoil when images are involved. Relationships are living things because they consist of living things. Whatever that is living is subject to change. Change is essential to live… Without change, there is death.

Relationship is the mirror in which we learn of ourselves and everything else. Through this mirror, the very understanding is freedom. Life is full and whole when relationships are not broken by images, prejudice, bias, and other opinions."

Rene Francois