"Have you asked what does it mean to communicate? What is communication? Isn't it the quality of sharing together? It is to come together and share. Together… To Commune. Now, what implies in this? Should there be vanity? Should be an ego in communication? Is there a place for vanity and egotism? No, because communication will have never taken place. Instead, argument would have taken place, which is violent, barbaric, callous, and indifferent. Vanity creates conflict that takes form in argumentation. Communication requires compassion, sensitivity, and humility/integrity. Do you see how dangerous vanity is in communication?

Is there division and isolation in communication? No. Communication is the opposite movement. Communication is not dividing.. It is uniting. Do you see this?

So, why do we divide and isolate? Is it because of the pleasure of vanity? Is it because we are attached to opinions? Opinions are variations of the truth and facts. These variations are seen as abstractions and distortions as well. Opinions are built from bias and prejudice of one's knowledge. Opinions then stem from vanity. Opinion is vanity. Now, what is opinion that is not vain? It is no longer opinion. Instead, they are referred to as suggestions which are based on humility, not vanity. What is humility? Isn't humility the understanding of the danger of vanity? Isn't humility the understanding that one's mind is falsifiable? The humble mind is the open and learning mind. The humble sees opportunity to inquire and learn. But, there is vanity in that movement. The learning is toward oneself. This is a totally different attitude isn't it? What happens when a person is vain, there is callousness, lack of learning, lack of listening. Listening requires humility to be pure. Vanity brings distortion and abstraction to what is being shared. Humility then is to listen and inquire. To inquire not solely on one's knowledge but to go beyond one's knowledge, this is called doubting one's knowledge.

Humility is to share but not cherish. Vanity is to share and to cherish. The difference is of compassion and sensitivity. Can a person share without cherishing? If vanity is the assertion of self-importance, humility must be the stance that self-importance doesn't need to be asserted. Humility is the attitude that self-importance is self-evident; there is no need to assert. To assert implies you lack self-importance. Vanity is always accompanied with self-image, which is based off the past. Does this image have any place in communication? If one cherishes one's self-image (egotistical), what happens to communication? Doesn't it end because the togetherness ended with the isolating and dividing activity of egotism?

Communication is difficult because of the impeding noise from the mind. Communication then is of silence. Silence is unifying in nature. Noise, which is of the verbalization of the mind, abstracts and distorts communication.

Communication is of having no set conclusions, preconceptions, prejudice and bias. Communication is an investigation of what Is together. The Actuality. The Fact."

Rene Francois