The Society and You

"We, the average people do not control our lives, but react to stimulus around us designed to program our basic desires to shift toward valuable outlets: products, ideas, needs. Our trigger is fear and we react to avoid it, not choosing to achieve what we want out of life but finding the least offensive option in every case in a complex scenario of inadequacies and unawarenesses.

We are controlled by the Enslavers who plant fear into us while designating themselves administrators of the fear. They own resources and need a continuing flow of income, so they grow us like any other cash product. Control becomes important and so they standardize and restrict, and we crumple. Then they demand more, and give us more meaninglessness. We accept it. How easily we (individuals) give up the breathing room we (collectively) need. "


"You see that society must be changed, but how? And is it possible? Realizing the vested interests of the politicians, of the army, of the priests, of the business men, is it possible? You are society, psychologically. You have created this society; you are part of it. The psychological structure of society is what you have psychologically created. It is not something different from you. You have conflict; your life, your daily existence is a battlefield; and the battlefield in Vietnam is the extension of your daily life. You say, "I want to change all that". Can it be changed, or should you be concerned with the total human being, the human being who is ten thousand or two million or whatever years old? If there can be mutation there, then everything will come right. Merely changing a local entity, the individual, is not going to affect it a very great deal. Cultivating your backyard isn't going to do very much. But when you are concerned with the total man, then in that mutation of the psyche, perhaps the mutation will affect society."