"Do not seek the answers outside
They are not written anywhere
For whoever wrote them asked a different question.
It is all inside you, yet hidden by your thoughts
But not seek it inside
For seeking needs thinking and thoughts blur what's real.

Only seek the Emptiness
The place where there is no 'inside' or 'outside'
The state of mind that embraces everything
It is where time and space do not matter
And are one point, one singularity.

Only in the Emptiness
You can feel the reality
But you cannot understand it
For understanding implies thinking

Feel how it all flows
Around you and within you
Seize to exist
To understand the true existence without 'yourself'

See how the time-space melts
Without thoughts that would hold it together
See how it flows
Into one point, without a purpose

See how everything is one
In the Emptiness with no boundaries
But never think that you are there
For if it was true there would be nobody to think"