"I think we passed Transhumanism when people started to create new non-invasive ways to modify the human body. (...)We are talking of Augemented Reality not anymore of Augmented Humanity. There are so may people out there who won't make their skulls modified or their eyes cybernetic but can wear glasses as cool fashion gadget or new-designed exoskeleton with useful functions.
This is the basic idea of the functionality and modular systems: If you have a permanent modification you have to do it again to change it back but if you have a gadget and a new one is developed you simply change the gadget or upgrade it to new functionalities.
I think the dream of the cable that goes from your head to your PC is a bit out of date and Transhumanism should worry about the new culture of the beautiful body (...).
Nowadays everything is about beauty, and that's the reason we can see so much new external cool gadgets that convey us the sensation of the future not just for the functions but also for the shape.
Having this re-start of garage people, hackers in life, who actually create products that make you the producer of things (Arduino, 3D printers, open source software) do we really want someone else to implant a chip in our head that could make our life easier but could also monitor us 24/7? 
Who guarantees me that it is secure and my privacy will not be restricted by law and through the chip (...)?
Personally I like technology because of the switch off button."

Mattia Galli