"A society of people who are responsible for their own health and able to gather or grow their own medicines is a hard society to rule. These days, we are dependent on the power structure of industrial health care and medical specialization: the secret society of the doctors, the white male dominated medical schools, the corporate decision makers with their toxic big pharmacuticals and inconsiderate greed. The dependance on western medicine is one more thing keeping us tied to the state and unable to rebel with all our hearts or even evision without such oppression. With a new system of healing, based on self-knowledge and community based herbal wisdom, we will be that much more free.

Offering a real alternative health care system will help the returning to an anarcho-primitivst, earth centered way of life. There is a false security in the men with the big machine, appearing ready to put you back together again (only if you have enough money, that is). What is ignored is the fact that industrial society causes most of the dis-eases that people fear. Living free on a healing earth while surrounded by true community and eating real food will prove to be better medicine than anything you can buy."

Laurel Luddite