"These technomancers weave their web with neon tracers, their empty power spiraling lifelessly out over the electrical waves, the ocean of hunger. Their sorceries are diversions, each new development designed to sustain your interest longer, to captivate not your imagination but your time- your life. A clever device for storing useless data, or another minor convenience that further atrophies the already weakened muscles of self-reliance in our time.

Everyone wants to kill for the Next Big Thing. Thousand dollar communication devices have taken over our lives. Digital imaging machines that take 200 shots per second make a picture not worth a thousand words, but rather make a thousand pictures not even worth one word. Life is no longer experienced head-on with a ferocious love. It is reviewed in digital format- each experience merely a pose to later place into the great tentacles of the Internet.
We can escape this grey sickness that has grasped a hold of even the strong, but to do so will require sacrifice: that of our civilization.

It cannot be expected that we close a gap of generation upon generation in a single day, but it can be expected that we END THIS CYCLE NOW, while we are the current generation- otherwise we leave the same sad legacy to our children as our parents left for us: slavery to the system we helped sustain. This is an obvious and horrendous curse to place on our descendants, something to be remedied before we create new life if possible, or to fight tooth and claw so that the children we already have are not faced with the same shackles with which we have been chained for our whole lives.
Breathe deep the richness of the black earth. Run your hands over rough bark, smooth stone, soft fur and remember. Listen to the ragged call of the vulture, the bellow of the elk, the bark of the feral dog and add your voice to this wild wonder. The warm sun on your face, the cold wind in your hair, the wet rain on your back, the full moon shining down on this living earth. This is all the inspiration needed to lay down the supercomputer, the switch, the gear, the machine- and stride boldly and fearlessly back into the Womb of All That Lives. The war is on. Sides are already being chosen. Where do you stand, and what are you achieving for your children and theirs?"