"In fact, it is known that the main terrorist organizations are trained by US forces. Men and women from within the Military and Governments of the World have attested to this.
The real reasons why this technology and the training of terrorist organizations take place is to use them as a pretext for one another.
This technology as well as everything they are testing 'over in the sand box' has actually been used and is being used against the American People. You think cops and swat teams don't go through MOUNT? (...)

What the Government considers enemies also includes Americans, and people who disagree with it, and who dissent. The current "detention of enemy combatants" bill sponsored by Liberman and McCain is nothing short of Nazi, so they are moving forward in the World Empire building, and will try to squash resistance against it, which is what they are doing oversees. That is all. Resistance. Like the type you 'might' excert here if another country invaded. 

Soon now the Government is going to initiate something that will take place that is going to alter society forever as we know it. It might be possible that this event will be natural, or manipulating nature in a way that will further perpetuate this run away event. They will try with all their technology and force to win over the World via force, but it is coming to an end and will not happen.
The never wanted chaos. They cannot control chaos, only order. Though they made everyone think they wanted chaos, so the average person would avoid it because that person thought they wanted "order out of chaos", when they only get order out of order, not chaos.
So we might have a chance because chaos is coming, it just depends on what we do with that energy."

Wess Adams