"Picture this (because one day your iPhone may not let you): you're at a concert seeing your favorite band. You want to get a simple picture to remember the moment forever, so you whip out your iPhone 9000, but the camera button doesn't work. Your iPhone knows you don't have the commercial right to take that picture and has denied you.

Of course, the flip-side here involves piracy and the like: someone sitting in a movie theater to film it and bootleg it, or someone taking a picture where photography is prohibited, such as at a museum (or a concert), and so on and so on.

Apple has filed a patent that could help combat the latter, though still hinder the former. That is: a patent that protects intellectual property rights, but treats everyone like a potential pirate, rather than a valued customer."


"I can understand trying to protect intellectual property, but camera phones have also been used to capture crimes, police brutality, protests, etc. Now it could all potentially be blocked out.
Why can't the general public see apple for the evil corporation that it is...."

"Just wait until something like 'the ugly shirt' comes into effect.. all phones and cameras programed so that when they see a specific QR code they just don't record or format the memory card.. obviously these will be worn on police uniforms or as badges when a govt. operation is in progress.."