888: For The Indigenous

...people that were and still are treated like shit by the white man.
All the stories about the Nazis and their Holocaust are a joke compared to what the colonial men did and what this system still does to the American Natives, the North American Arctic, the Australian Aborigines, the Māori in New Zealand, the Kurdish people, the Palestinians and many many more.

Most people think that Indigenous People fall to alcohol and fall in general, because they were primitive before. But usually one important factor is overseen: The loss of their culture and their belongings.
The rituals of Indigenous People, which served as psychic therapy disappeared with the destruction of their culture.
Now living without this important part of their lives, they are slowly slipping down.

The civilization takes everything from them, their land, their children, everything they got and they get angry and sad and fall into a depression. This depression brakes them and the anger coming from all this makes them look like the traitors but they are victims of the civilization. They don't have the choice between living their former live or living in this system that is so far from human and empathy because the government and the corporations got the
monopoly of violence in this relationship. They steal the land, they poison the water, they build dams, they destroy the forest and kill whole races of animals and sometimes even humans.

And now the white man talks about how "we" have to help them because they are not able to survive by themselves (right after taking all they need to survive), how "we" have to cost them out because they are so violent. If I was them I would be fucking MAD, that for sure!

What I recently read is extremely interesting: There are many stories where white men fled to the natives and didn't want to come back (in the critical years of conquest). When they were captured and brought back they couldn't stand the western life style anymore. They had to be tied to not return to the natives. Then the generals started to hang "corrupted" Europeans. They retaliated (!) by extinguishing whole villages.

It makes me sad and angry to read what happened and what happens to them right now. They are much more worthwile than the civilization, just like our one and only earth. 
The indigenous people always lived sustainable before they were forced into this system, unlike the industrial civilization monstrum that is devouring this whole planet right now..

I hope they will outlive.