"How should we learn to respect "barbaric" lifestyles if we do not learn to respect our own ways and benefits? Empathy can be learned around our own way of living, in fact we can shift it and stay civiliced, or even surpass it by complexity; technology-based as we are. Like you start to change your opinion right now, all people, including natives, need to constantly shift and change, because no situation is maintainable at infinite length. The possibility of tribal lifestyle is limited, such as is our classic way of building cities. If we manage to survive as a species (or develop further), we will have to face massive problems these tribemen will not be able to deal with at all, if we manage to survive that long, as I wish for life, we will have to face the merging of our milkyway with andromeda, witness the death of our sun, and who knows what lies ahead in space too. There will be a point when earth will die and either cast off seeds of life or go down into the elementary recycle with no long term benefit but its curious lifespan and maybe our contribution will be a violent super virus developing in a totally unknown autarc organism? Heck who knows what is right and leads to good measure at the end, just because birth is violent, painful, ahead of the baby itself? Our mutual existence, organic complex life is due to the rise of violent and parasitic elements and our "social" countermeasure - and what (e)merged of them; our basic existence is not constant - get rid of the idea of the created man and woman and you get rid of the idea of a constant right way to live. Sure, living as kids in mum's place is like the eternally missed golden era, but there is a possibility to grow up and leave it behind for good and maybe notice nature, our mother, wouldn't mind to swallow us whole without a single whim and one day will wither away."