"People do not lack strength, they lack will."

"That's a quote by Victor Hugo. It's a fairly general statement but if we replace the word 'strength' with 'talent', then it applies well to us artists. People often blame their shortcomings on a lack of talent. I do all the time, as a matter of fact.  That's why I'm writing this. However the sad truth is what I really lack is the willpower to work harder! I believe we are all capable of becoming masters, if only we have both the desire and will to make the necessary sacrifices as masters do. Yep, sacrifices. No ripping out of hearts over a temple altar, but perhaps some nearly as painful. Like a social life, a sun tan, a few days of sleep, or anything else that a few extra hours of painting requires you to miss out on. Now, of course we will not sacrifice such things permanently, or much at all depending on how we manage our time. But if we desire to become greater artists, then we must prioritize our work accordingly. In a few years, perhaps we'll look back and realize we are better for it."