"Here is my suggestion to help in finding your vision:
Choose a handful of artists which you feel the most excited and inspired by. The ones who’s general body of work resonates strongest as the pieces you wish you had made. Think about what makes these artists unique and strong. Look at what is similar between them. Remember why you love them. Now, one by one, find where they are lacking. This is not to say find where they have failed, because you’re not necessarily looking for errors or technical weakness. Rather, find where they have made creative and technical choices which do not quite satisfy you. Think about what you would have rather they had done instead. Where did they go too far? Where did they not go far enough? What is it that is missing? Don’t be afraid to nitpick. Now look at your own work and ask yourself: are you supplying the missing elements? This is not arrogance, but rather a way of using their work as a mirror to compare our own. It also means acknowledging that our goals may not be (and in fact almost certainly are not) identical to those of our heroes. The choices they made were their choices, so we quite likely do not agree with all of them. Looking beyond your admiration and focusing on what could make your favorite art even better to you will help bring your own vision that much closer to the surface. Then, when you are working on your next piece, ask yourself: how well is this satisfying my vision? In what ways can I improve that?"