"Tired of a decadent culturally empty society? Let's start by promoting "the right" ideas/opinions. Don't support stupid entertainment.

Law enforcement is a tool, don't shield behind "fuck the authority" to not get involved and keep complaining about the very system which has guaranteed your survival this far. If you want a change, learn your goddamn politics first and get involved.

Don't like your job? quit, do something else, adapt to other lifestyle if you have to.

But I suppose all of it sounds boring, it requires you to assume responsibility over your life and actions; not like in Mad Max or Fallout, the realm of fantasy where everything is thrilling and causality doesn't function like in reality. In the end of the day, you can shut down the computer, turn off the TV, go to your comfy bed and dream about the zombie apocalypse. Be glad at least you have that."