"An important aspect of atomic theory is the void between atoms. In quantum mechanics, particles aren't believed to have a definite boundary between the particles and the void, nor are they believed to have a definite location and momentum. Their wave functions are thought to be continuous in space. This extension of the particle's wave function means that the particle is everywhere. If two particles (the Ego and the Shadow) are not identical, then they’re their wave-functions (their fields). Therefore, they can occupy the same space. This allows for motion. When a particle moves, it is merely changing the amplitude of its wave function. Einstein put forth the idea that a material point could no longer be the basic concept in his theory. It would have to be something that continuously covers all of space, such as fields.

These factors serve as an analogy for the psychodynamic mechanisms involved in Chaos Shadow Theory. In the same way that two particles (that are not identical) can occupy the same space, the Shadow can occupy the same space as the Ego, because they're different mental structures. "