"I wanted to be blind. Why?
Then i was not able, to see the color of your skin.
I don't want to be a racist.

I wanted to be alone. Why?
Then nobody would beat me up, or arrest me.

I wanted to have no ears. Why?
Then I was not able, to hear your screams, because
I am also victimized by capitalist bastard society.

I saw a lot of things, mountrains,
not made of earth, but of humans.
Flying creatures, dropping humans from 1 mile above.
The floor was black, and red.
Red, of the color of human blood.
All humans were naked, most died on impact.
Some survived for a while.
I remember the screams...

Was I a visitor in hell.. or just..

..an european punk from hell,
who hates politics, and never votes.
Because nothing changes.

We need a revolution."