Rene: these tech geniuses and software geniuses do carry the asshole and arrogant syndrome - vanity in their prestige and when they look at their shadow they run away/ignore it
Stryke: it is because they fall into identifying themselves with what others think and don't observe themselves, isn't it?
Rene: yeah basically so - that is what fame is. if you focus on fame and prestige you are interested in what people think of you, while if you focus on character, you are interested in how to be the best you... its all about self-satisfaction.
Stryke: yeah ... career - any kind of career is self satisfaction, isn't it.
Rene: it should be. self-satisfaction is about doing what you do because you must do it. it is authentic action - there is no desire for a 'thank you'
Rene: Purity
Stryke: hm hm
Rene: yeah do for the sake of doing