"...couldn't completely wake up, couldn't move. I could hear the noises coming from outside, but they weren't enough to wake me up. I knew I was online on MSN, sounds on, so I knew if someone talked to me, the sound would wake me up. Which eventually happened, INSIDE the dream.

I hear it, wake up and it looks like it's very dark, the computer turns off and my cellphone rings, some stranger voice talks, but I know I'm sleeping, said something like ''I'm trapped inside my dream, wrong number, bitch''. I'm again in bed, trying to move, every time I do, something weird happens to my body. Misplaced parts, a hand where it's not supposed to be and that kind of stuff, as if my body was made of a malleable unstable substance. The false awakenings went on and on. My head felt like it was burning, pretty bad..."