"... So, the computer is coming up in the world, not only in the factories, but also it's going to make your brains something different. Which is - you've heard of genetic engineering - oh god, don't you hear all these things? They're trying to, whether you like it or not, to change your whole behaviour. That is genetic engineering. They are trying to change your way of thinking. You understand what I'm saying?

So, genetic engineering and the computer, when the two meet together - they're going to presently, in a number of years - what are you? You understand what I'm asking, sir? What are you; as a human being what are you? Your brains are going to be altered. Your way of behaviour is going to be changed. Right? They may altogether remove fear, remove sorrow, remove all your gods. They're going to, sir, don't fool yourself. Because it all ends up either in war or in death. Right? So, this is what is happening in the world actually. Genetic engineering on the one side and computer on the other and when they meet, as they're inevitably going to meet, what are you as a human being?"