"We are so busy delaying death, that we delay life with it. As a result we spend our money on plastic surgery. We're scared of death, because we never lived. Instead, we engaged in surrogate activities.

Surrogate activities as explained by Kaczynski are fake goals that we put up for ourselves to keep us busy. Everything you do these days is a surrogate activity. Because of the Industrial revolution, your life has been filled with monotonous chores. Surrogate activities are goals you set for yourself because the satisfaction you gain from achieving them allows you to cope with the stress that results from being a cubicle clone in an unnatural world who has to suppress all his natural instincts to go postal. Guess what getting a PHD is? A massive surrogate activity.

Which finally brings us to todays This is the Death Of Humanity moment. MMORPGs. If you don't know what that means, that's arguably a good thing. Go ahead and Google it though. You'll find that these are role playing games people play on the internet. Thousands of hours are spent filling progress bars, because computers are essentially drugs, and we're all addicted to them, yours included. I'm (somewhat) glad to say however, that I spend my time behind a computer reading disturbing news and writing melancholic essays as opposed to filling progress bars.

Now, MMORPGs are depressing for a reason. People live such pointless lives, that increasing numbers of people decide to spend their free time, living a fake life. Suddenly they have a horse, a sword, and magic rays bursting from their hand with the click of a button. And the worst part is that they don't really seem to enjoy playing the game that much either. Hence trainers, cheats, character buying, Chinese gold farms etcetera. It is so ridiculous, Kaczynski could not have seen this coming. I'm not criticizing people who play MMORPGs. You're victims like all of us. We're all victims of a civilization that has essentially turned our own lives obselete."