"...I'm a politician and i found out any relevant power place its taken by the mas.ons, but i had occasions to check in france and germany too in person, and its the same. Before the war, the fascism prevented that. Anyway, 75% of the flags have a star, and the ones who dont have, like italy, france etc, have important and relevance symbols in the government... the star - it's the only symbol you can find in any governament. ANY.

But check before the ww2. All the fascist had no stars. The germany was all about leafs, crosses....in italy the fascio, in the romania the iron gate, the bow in spain, etc etc etc.....

Anyway if you want information about them, you have to find some mas.ons and be friend of them, after that you can hear some real stories about them.
If you start making an open propaganda against them you are dead. and no newspapers will talk about you... happened in my city more than 10 times in the last 30 years...and I've been talking with some french and german politicians, and seems it happened there too...i knew a guy that hated the mas.ons in svitzerland too...he died, his website disbanded, his propagandas disappeared.."