"There is a spirit in this time that says that humans are most important, and every one of them is equal and has equally valid contributions, but that it's important to ban, censor, destroy, maim, spindle and mutilate anything which can be called "Fascist" or "anti-Humanist.

For those who have read more deeply into their own intellect than this, these groups and tendencies are laughable, as they are their own enemies; they embrace the very concepts of suppression, monoculturism, and deceit they claim to fight. Further, since every government in the U.N. has embraced these beliefs and used them to crush dissidents, these people are nothing but bullies repeating the party line of some oppressive, destructive, profit-oriented governments.

We mock and laugh at the ignorance of these people and their guilt complexes. They want individual rights, except to say something different than what the herd is saying. They want diversity so that they can breed us into a uniform color, uniform culture and uniform belief system. They want freedom of thought, except for those who might criticize society's "positive" tendecies. This is brainless and pathetic. "