I feel emptyness. Wind and sea are whispering while I sit somewhere. My soul is longing for the freedom, which only can be felt by a gull floating over the ocean, near some rocks, glimmering in the sun. Thy are still, hard and kissed by foam. The time is gnawing on them. So slow - they seem to be eternal witnesses of a world bleeding.
Suddenly I am feeling like the rocks.
We think they are something that lasts longer than human, animal and plant, how we think we last long.
But they don't.
Time is licking on them, slowly, constantly. Since they are gone! Sized to little gravel. Lost in sea.
And the cold wind, yes we feel him on our skin. Cool. Gust by gust.
Something that touches us softly.
But those gusts are waves of air, rushing over the landscape.
We are no resistance. We are a short moment of disruption.

Days go by like flashlights but we still listen to tickings.