What you are doing is recognizing letters with your brain from little liquid crystals which light up in different figures. They seem to float in front of the black background, which is only an illusion - a shell.
Millions of colourful and unbelievable fast datastreams race through tubes and other screens, which are islands in the sea of lightened darkness.
Skincolourless and voiceless people, rats in the ocean of information, swim or creep through the seductive masses. Huge server-complexes deliver the files you want to suck into your brain over tubes which stretch over the whole globe.
And most of the humans using a computer are not aware of all this cyberaction. And that is only a little part..
Some are, and some also know how to open secret and unseen gates. How to move between the paths and in all directions..
To modify the cybertronic buildings which you are visiting...
To follow your trace an find out where you are sitting...