There is an animal, it has an uncountable number of shiny heads. Lovely and soft skin covers the trembling body. Its legs are winding like tentacles, deep into the ground of the forest. The master of illusion. It never lies - or let's say sometimes there are twisted facts - but instead it tells you only the half of the truth. As much as you have to know to grow, to filter the air and stay between the other trees. Actually this creature is nothing but an enchanted kind of plant - kind of many trees like you are. But a big combination. And maybe there are some fibers of sincerity but don't trust those words, those words which were not spoken by your eyes, by your world.
Don't let the creature manipulate the direction of your roots!
Don't let the creature manipulate the song your leafs are singing!
Don't let the creature decrease your growth!

Your branches are the only connection to the endless sky.
Don't let the wind - no matter how flattering or hard he is blowing - determine your growth!